Hi, I’m Jakub, the creator of Foodiesfeed – a resource of awesome naturally looking food photos that are completely free to download. Creating the repository of hundreds of free food photos would never be possible without following my biggest passion – traveling with my girlfriend Hana and eating awesome food all over the world. Especially, we love eating healthy natural food and we’re avoiding processed foods as much as we can (but hey, an occasional jar of Skippy never killed anybody).

As much as I enjoyed filling the Foodiesfeed Pinterest boards with the best food pictures and reposting what I found interesting on Instagram and other social media, it was not enough for letting my creativity go wild. I felt like I needed a place where I can share just anything. From the nature of my interests, my everyday online world is full of talented food photographers and artists, interesting food startups and small companies with great stories, beautiful interiors of restaurants and coffee shops, and most importantly amazing food.

That’s why, together with Hana, we decided to create the Foodiesfeed Magazine. However, it’s not yet another online magazine without a soul with many authors. Quite the opposite. The content is carefully curated based on our personal taste and also full of our own experiences and reviews. No borders. No strict rules. Whatever we find worth sharing with our followers, we do so.

If you think we should know about something or try something and maybe review it, let us know!