Once upon a time in the misty green hills of Bali, there was a wonderful coffee farm owned by a lovely Sudana family. Please don´t be mistaken! It was not only some ordinary coffee plantation with hundreds of tourists and overgrown coffee trees. This family business is serious – their own coffee is organic and grown on 2 hectares of carefully maintained soil. Then it is thoroughly processed, roasted and brewed right in front of your eyes.

If you are planning a trip to Bali, do yourself a favor and save a day in your itinerary for visiting the farm! Not only you will see where the magic happens and learn a lot of useful and interesting information but you will also have one of the best cups of coffee you have ever had. Trust me, as a coffee lover and a caffeine addict, I can really tell. In case you can not make it to the farm, don´t worry. Sudana family has got you covered with their Satu-Satu coffeeshop in Canggu where you can also enjoy Bali Beans coffee as well as absolutely fantastic breakfast or lunch.

Bali Beans Coffee and Roastery

Satu-Satu coffeeshop in Canggu