Even though I am aware of the fact that the whole project Now You’re Cooking is a content marketing for the Electrolux products called Expressionist Collection, I thought why not share it with our audience.

The whole project is very visually appealing. Hear the music, check the typography, notice the perfect natural light, materials, texture and color of the props used, interplay of complementary colors and more. There is definitely a lot of things going on in the short clips satisfying my creative-me.

I’d like to see more of video-recipes being published by food bloggers in the future. It’s much more difficult than a still photography, for sure. But also much more entertaining, helpful and engaging.

P.S.: Do you know any other beautiful video recipes? Please, let us know.

This is not an advertisement. We share it because of pure joy.

Visit the official Now You’re Cooking Youtube playlist for more videos.