Luisa Brimble is a food and lifestyle photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Her work has been published in a variety of print and online publications.

When photographing, she strives to capture the beauty of home; images that exude simplicity, honesty, warmth, and connection.

What I really like about her style of photography is that she probably doesn’t post-process the pictures at all. Except little tweaks of exposure and contrast of course, that’s inevitable.

No over-saturation, faded black color, vignetting,  color, vignetting, too much shadows or anything like that. Just very natural-looking foods. Awesome!

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stuffed+quails_IMG_DAY+8_0372.JPG (500×750):

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LuisaBrimble_MiNDFOOD_by_LuisaBrimble_0341.jpg (500×750): • @locallovely Food Photography + Styling Workshops for 2016 are now open for bookings. #localislovelyworkshop :

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Shooting the last couple of recipes for @arthurstreetkitchen Cookbook #2 for @plumbooks. This time at @charlottereepr humble abode.:

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seafood+tagine_IMG_0785.JPG (500×750): • @locallovely Food Photography + Styling Workshops for 2016 are now open for bookings. #localislovelyworkshop :

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