I came across Madeline Jia Lu, a freelance photographer and digital marketing consultant living all over the world (born in China, lived in Canada, UK, Switzerland and currently reside Stuttgard, a German city), during my usual “gramming” session.

And I’m so glad I did because her photos are really nice! Frame after frame, she doesn’t stop surprising me with her cherished styling.

Her photos attract me for one more reason – she cooks very healthily and the ingredients she uses are very close to my heart. I breathe healthy food!

She doesn’t only shoot food, she also writes about it on her food blog. Be sure to check her Instagram too!

Halloumi Kebabs - www.madelinelu.com:

Vegan Pistachio cardamom coconut ice cream - www.madelinelu.com:

New Year's Red Detox Smoothie:

Vegan Vietnamese Pho - www.madelinelu.com:


Red beet risotto with garlic sautéed green - www.madelinelu.com:

Sweet Potato and Red Beet Chips - www.madelinelu.com:

Baked Aubergine with Leek and Tomato-www.madelinelu.com:

Chinese Noodle Soup with Pak Choi with Shiitake Mushroom - www.madelinelu.com:

Pomegranate and Orange Salad - www.madelinelu.com:

Green Papaya Salad - www.madelinelu.com:

Vietnamese Vegan Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce - www.madelinelu.com:

Berry Tart with Lemon Cashew Cream and Fresh Berries - www.madelinelu.com:

Beetroot Coconut Soup - www.madelinelu.com:



Thai Pomelo Salad with Tofu - www.madelinelu.com:


Spiced Leek Potato Soup - www.madelinelu.com:

Pomelo, Rocket, Avocado and Quinoa Salad - www.madelinelu.com:

Lamb's lettuce, orange, and walnut salad - taken by Madeline Lu:

Homemade Gingerbread Granola - www.madelinelu.com:

Linguine with Kale, Tomatoes and Parmesan Cheese - www.madelinelu.com:

Linguine with Mushrooms and Artichoke -prepping - www.madelinelu.com: